Black Friday Discounts

Black Friday this year is taking place during a pandemic with a lock down happening in the city. We are open for curbside pick up only. We still are fully staffed and ready to help you at the door to pick up the essentials you need as well as any new additions you'd like make to your family and the things to keep them happy.

Our online customers can now take advantage of our Black Friday specials. We have two specials going on this weekend. One for all the living things in the shop and one for all the products in the shop. There are some exceptions but for the most part the vast majority of the stuff in the shop is on sale

For the the living things the discount is 20%. This includes all reptiles and amphibians, freshwater tropical fish, freshwater inverts, aquatic plants, terrarium plants, houseplants, carnivorous plants, and newly added small birds. Exceptions are turtles, tortoises and all live feeders.  

Discount code is BF2020LIVE

For all of the products in the shop the discount is 15% and includes everything in the shop for all your pets or plants. Exceptions include Mist King products and all frozen feeders.

Discount code is BF2020DRY

There is a limit of one discount code per customer and due to software limitations only one discount code can be used at a time. Customers can make a separate order for products and a separate order for living things to get the two discount codes. If your order is being shipped, separate shipping charges would be required due to winter shipping requirements. Minimum order requirements for delivery in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and Oakville still apply. Orders for in store pick can also be made online but two separate orders should also be made.