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Venus Flytrap

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3” pot. Dionaea muscipla require distilled or rain water, and should be kept constantly moist (but not soggy). They require very bright sunlight, and should be kept outdoors during the growing season or under grow lights. Plants will enter a dormant winter phase if left outdoors late into the fall, at which point they can be brought inside and placed in a refrigerator to rest until spring. Dormancy is necessary for long-term health Flytraps, as without it their lifespan will be shortened to a few years.

Feeding can be done sparingly (and isn't necessary); live insects must be fed to the plant as the traps will reopen if no movement is detected inside.  Flowering in all but the best conditions should be discouraged as the flowers take valuable energy away from the growing plant. Flower stalks can be cut at the base as they emerge.