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White's Tree Frog

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White's treefrogs are native to northern and eastern Australia, and adjoining New Guinea. These large (3-4.5 inches) frogs are a pleasant green base color, sometimes with a bluish hue, and some individuals have spots of white or gold on the back and sides. Adults tend to have a fatty ridge above each eye, often giving them a sleepy appearance.

Adults can reach up to 5 inches, but most females top out at 4-4.5 inches in snout-to-vent length. Males are usually slightly smaller but size alone is not a good criterion for sexing these animals. Captive bred specimens are usually less than 2 inches long when sold. Males have a vocal sac, and they can have dark nuptial pads on the base of their thumbs. These may not be present in young animals though, so sexing these in the pet store or at a reptile show is difficult. Even expert breeders cannot guarantee the sex of a young frog.