Anniversary Sale

Our Biggest Sale of the Year!!

Saturday and Sunday only! In person and online

Online discounts will appear in the online checkout

All Zoo Med 35% Products Off

Anes from Zoo Med will be in the shop Saturday December 18th 11AM-4PM

All Exo Terra Products 30% Off

All Fluval Products 20% Off

All Advitan Products 20% Off

All Aquatop Products 20% Off

All Aquascaping Products 20% Off

All Houseplant Supplies 20% Off

Terrarium and Houseplants 20% Off

Aroids & Carnivorous Plants 15% Off

Reptiles and Amphibians 15% Off*

Up to 30% off Small Birds

Up to 50% off Small Parrots

Up to 25% off Fish and Aquatic Plants

Reptile Products 15% off**

Bird Products 15% Off

Fish Products 15% Off

Until Supplies Last 1000 lot of Crickets 1/2" or 3/4 " $20.00! limit 1

 Spend $100 get a chance to win a new Exo Terra Treefrog Terrarium

* Not including turtles or tortoises
**Not including Mist King or Vivarium Electronics
Please note all live and frozen feeders except for frozen fish food are not included in the sale. Special deal on crickets is while supplies last.