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ABC Hemianthis micranthemoides

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Native to Florida, Hemianthus micranthemoides is a versatile species that can be found growing in both wet depressions and stagnant waters. This plant, also known as pearl grass, can be pruned to create a lush carpet in the foreground of a tank. It is also well-suited to midground placement as ample lighting and CO2 injection will encourage faster, bushier growth. However, it is a tolerant species that does not require CO2 injection, making it an excellent candidate for low-tech aquaria. It appreciates regular micronutrient supplementation but should thrive without. H. micranthemoides grows just three to four leaves per whorl and, as such, needs ample lighting or it will appear tall and sparse. Heavy trimming is recommended to encourage thick, healthy growth; nitrate and phosphate supplementation are necessary to sustain exceptionally dense growth. Cuttings can be re-planted in the substrate where they will eventually take root. With its small leaf size, H. micranthemoides can be easily adapted to nano aquascapes.