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ABC Rotala Nanjenshan

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Rotala 'Nanjenshan', otherwise named Rotala ‘Najean,’ may be a natural Rotala rotundifolia, R. wallichii hybrid. Native to Taiwan, this species makes an excellent midground to background focal point or accent. Foliage appears light green to deep red given tank conditions. CO2 supplementation, iron-rich fertilizers and trace element supplementation are strongly recommended although not required to promote lush, reddish growth. Without tank fertilization, the plant may appear stunted and blackened.

This plant has lance-shaped leaves that grow in a dense, whorled pattern and may need to be thinned out over time. Note that the stems are fragile and especially active fish may damage them beyond repair. Aerial cuttings may be taken and replanted in the substrate to propagate; roots will extend over time. Regular trimming will encourage attractive, compact growth.