API Betta Pellets 1oz

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The fresh seafood ingredients in Omega One Betta Buffet Pellets are particularly attractive to Bettas, since they thrive on higher protein foods. The mix of fresh, cold-water marine proteins and fresh Omega fats in these micro-pellets make them a nutritional must for Bettas. Additionally, the protein binder in Omega One foods (which is not water soluble), results in a much cleaner environment - especially in a small tank. Contains natural pigments for strong color enhancement. Never clouds water.API® BETTA FOOD is scientifically formulated to enhance the vibrant colors of your Betta, and is designed as a floating pellet for all Betta fish. This formula contains a nutritionally-enhanced protein to ensure easy uptake of nutrients for maximum absorption. Betta fish more readily use the nutrients in our high-quality formula, and as a result, release up to 30% less ammonia than the leading competitor for cleaner, clearer water.

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