Australian Water Dragon (Juvie) CBB

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The Australian water dragon can be accurately described as a true omnivore. They will eagerly dine on a broad assortment of small animals, but also eat many kinds of fruits and leafy greens. Australian water dragons forage by day, seeking prey animals by their telltale movements or flora by their bright coloration of new growth, fruits and flowers.

Living near water offers the Australian water dragon the advantage of a plentiful food supply and a safe retreat when danger threatens. Australian water dragons frequently bask on trees and brush overhanging the water, simply diving straight down as a quick escape most of the time.

Optimal caging should be spacious - at least 4 feet long to accommodate the Australian water dragon's adult length of about 3 feet, with plenty of vertical space for climbing. A water bowl is a must, but a larger tray or pan for soaking is ideal. Crisscross the upper portion of the cage with horizontal perches, at least one of which allows the Australian water dragon to bask directly below a heat lamp.

Australian water dragons can withstand mild chilling as long as daytime highs allow them to get toasty warm each day. Most Australian water dragons tame down with age.

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