Giant Day Gecko CBB

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Giant day geckos have become very popular in the reptile trade. Even mainstream advertisers have picked up on the likeability of the species, hence the now-famous Geico Gecko, thought to be modelled after a day gecko.

Due to its extraordinarily vibrant colors and ideal size for a home terrarium, the giant day gecko (Phelsuma grandis) has captivated reptile enthusiasts. Select breeders have produced what are arguably the most beautiful lizards in the world, the crimson and blue blood day gecko. They are forms of living art, and people who own them usually display them as a decorative focal point in a room or an outside garden.

Giant day geckos are widely distributed in northern Madagascar, including some of the offshore islets. Because giant day geckos are followers of civilization, they are found in gardens, huts and tree plantations in this area. This is the tropical rain forest region which is characterized by hot and humid weather.

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