Hikari Cichlid Biogold+

Size: 2 oz
Pellet: Mini
Sale price$9.99


ikari Cichlid Bio-Gold®+ is the world's first daily diet for carnivorous Cichlids containing beneficial living microorganisms. Research, exploration and breeding experience led to the development of this incredible food. It contains "Hikari-Germ" (beneficial microorganisms) that produce visible color enhancement, accelerated growth, reduced waste, and improved water quality. "Hikari-Germ" super-charges the digestive process allowing better utilization of the color enhancing ingredients, while simultaneously utilizing a higher percentage of the natural nutrition in each pellet. "Hikari-Germ" stays active in the water for a short period of time further breaking down waste to a powdery state that is easier for your filtration to handle. Stablilzed Vitamin-C supports immune system health, while promoting a long, healthy life. Floating pellets allow easy monitoring of the amount eaten, which helps eliminate over-feeding while reducing water quality problems. Ingredients: Fish meal, wheat flour, brewer's dried yeast, gluten meal, spirulina, fish oil, bacillus subtillus, enzyme, garlic, astaxanthin, monosodium glutamate, vitamins and minerals including stabilized vitamin C.

Sinking Goldfish Excel food is manufactured in a baby-sized pellet, which offers superior color enhancing capacity, helping your fish look their best. Its high feed efficiency helps to reduce your aquariums pollution, with exclusive use of these pellets.

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