Matrix Blood Python

Sex: Female
Sale price$450.00


Blood Pythons, Python brongersmai, are a robust species of python from Southeast Asia. While these snakes rarely exceed 6-7 feet in length, they are very heavily built.  Although blood pythons have a reputation as brutish and aggressive snakes, from our experience, with proper interaction and handling, these snakes can become quite accustomed to humans. As with all reptiles, we recommend doing lots of research to make sure this species is right for you. They are a ground-based, fairly sedentary species that appreciates lots of floor space to explore and deep substrate to burrow into. Wild-type blood pythons are golden brown to blood red, with gold, tan, and black reticulation overtop. Recently, many new and exciting morphs have been developed of this beautiful species, bringing them to the attention of many more hobbyists.

These are specimens of the Matrix morph, which has blockier markings and a nice golden-tan base colour. They are both still babies, approximately 16" long.

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