Nepenthes robcantleyi x veitchii (intermediate)

Size: Medium
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Climate: Intermediate

First introduced in August 2016. The female parent is the superb cultivar of the species N. robcantleyi called Nepenthes ‘Queen of Hearts’, which has been exhibited worldwide-many times and the male is a selected clone of the Sungai Samba lowland form of N. veitchii. This item is different from BE-3653 which is a cross involving the Bario highland form of N. veitchii.

This hybrid is vigorous and tolerates a wide range of temperatures, as the male parent is a lowland form of N. veitchii. The plants we have raised so far all have green pitcher bodies and peristomes that range from nearly pure green through to dark red.

The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical to plants shipped.

Source: Random selection from 40 different clones out of microprop.

*Please note that these plants are grown in extremely humid conditions and will require a period of acclimatization to your growing conditions. Photos are provided for reference and may not represent the size of plant you will receive.

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