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Penn Plax Fruit Kebab Sm Bird & Budgie

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The brightly colored Fruit Kabob by Penn Plax is a fantastic source of entertainment for your beaked buddy. With several fun trinkets, including rope, acrylic jewel- rocks, wooden fruit, and a bell, your feathered friend will be completely captivated. Watch as they peck, pull, shred, and play with the fruit-flavored wood pieces, releasing pent up energy and satisfying natural urges.

Made entirely of non-toxic, zinc and lead-free materials, the Fruit Kabob is perfectly pet-safe. You can rest assured that your bird will be happy and healthy as they play! Built with a metal clasp at the top of the toy you can easily, and quickly attach it anywhere you desire. Plus, its sturdy construction will accommodate the weight of your parakeet or other small-sized bird. 4" dia. x 8" H