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Prevue Hendryx's Basket Banquet provides your bird with shreddable, pluckable materials to pick and tear apart, satisfying everyday foraging and seeking instincts while providing material for nesting. Helps to curb destructive behaviors caused by boredom or restlessness. Made with 100% safe and non-toxic coloring, with all-natural materials. These bird toys are handmade, meaning all sizes are approximate. approx. 4" dia. x 7.5" H


PRevue Hendryx™ Calypso Creations Ropes & Shell Ring Bird Toy 62603 is a colorful, dangling toy to shred and pull - satisfying preening instincts and discouraging plucking in your bird. Made from a variety of materials, including knotted rope, seashells, crinkly paper and more. All materials are 100% pet safe with non-toxic, food grade colors and connect easily to cage with quick-link attachments. Toy is hand made and actual measurements may vary slightly. As always, supervise birds at play. Our Calypso Creations Ropes & Shell Ring bird toy is approximately 12" Long and 5" Wide, ideal for Small to Medium sized birds.