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Prevue Hendryx Small Round Top Starter Kit

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Small Parakeet Starter Kit - Round Top - White

The round top, Prevue Hendryx Small Parakeet Starter Kit is the perfect starter kit for first time bird owners. The kit is made of white powder-coated steel mesh and comes with everything you need to ensure that your fine feathered friend is kept happy, healthy and active. Featuring two hooded plastic cups for food and water, two plastic perches, one cuttlebone to encourage natural pecking and chewing behavior, a solid Eucalyptus wood ladder for climbing and exercise as well as a mineral treat and a variety of toys, baubles and bells for additional mental and physical stimulation. A large, plastic bottom makes cleaning and maintenance hassle free. The cage features 3/8 inch wire spacing to ensure no escapes from mischievous birds. Ideal for small to medium-sized birds such as canaries, parakeets and budgies. 13.5" x 11" x 16"