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The S.I.M. stands for Suspension Incubation Method relating to how the eggs are incubated on a grid off the substrate. This prohibits direct contact with a wet substrate and allows approximately 100% gas exchange between the container environment and the egg membrane. Eggs incubated buried in dampened substrate are subjected to excess water which often results in drowned egg(s). Also in contrast to this, too little water or humidity results in egg desiccation.

Eggs incubated in the S.I.M. are surrounded top, bottom and sides by air. The steady humidity and (possibly) better Oxygen absorption in these containers allows neonates to develop faster resulting in shortened incubation times. Clutches incubated in this container have all hatched earlier than when buried in Perlite at same temperature. All neonates hatched fully developed without egg yolks.

The triangular bars that you see on top of the grid are the eggs stabilizer bars. The function of these bars is to keep eggs from rolling or being uprooted by clutch mates and they are fully adjustable to fit just about any egg size. The S.I.M. incubation containers are crystal clear.This so the eggs can be visually monitored without having to guess. The grid is designed to keep hatchlings from entering the substrate chamber. For keepers who incubate over water, this feature ensures hatchlings are safe.

The lid is soft TPU that fits the container base without being difficult to remove and upset the contents. We suggest venting the lid by adding a few small holes to avoid an air tight situation.

PLEASE NOTE: Depending on the size of the eggs being incubated, you will need to install a certain number rails for your eggs to sit on. The kit comes with 6 rails but can support up to 10 rails (for smaller sized eggs). For the width equal to say a Crested Gecko egg you would require a total of ten rails to use the space completely. One SIM Container with 10 rails can easily hold about 50 Crested Gecko eggs. Use less rails if you are incubating larger eggs, such as Bearded Dragons, Ball Pythons, etc. or if you do not need to use the SIM contianers full capacity.

Each S.I.M. Container is 8" L x 6.75" W x 4.5" H

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