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Solomon Island Tree Boa

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Solomon Islands tree boas are the largest snakes of the genus Candoia, with most males being 3 feet long and females often reaching 5 feet or a bit longer. Minimum adult sizes are about 2 and 4 feet, respectively.

Solomon Islands tree boas are more arboreal than the other Candoia, and they prefer a vertical terrarium with some branches on which to hang during the day.

Candoia bibroni need a constant relative humidity of at least 50 to 70 percent, and they like to have a large water bowl in which to bathe and occasionally defecate.

Keep Solomon Islands tree boas at 82 degrees during the day, and let the temperature drop a bit at night. In fact, to get adults ready for breeding, some keepers let the temperature drop to as low as 70 degrees each night over a period of a month before putting adults together. Always keep the daytime temperature near 80 degrees, however. Most captive breedings take place from December to April, so time the cooling period accordingly.