SR Aquaristik Petrified Wood per pound

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  • Beautifully Weathered Wood Texture
  • Pre-Cleaned and Heat Treated
  • Coloration Includes Light and Dark Gray/Brown Colored Rock with Dark and Light Highlights

Petrified Wood (fossilized wood) has a very unique color and texture. You can pile them on each other building great mountain scapes. Under water it gets a beautiful reddish / yellowish color which creates a great harmony with any wood and sand decoration. Petrified wood, also known as Fossilized Wood, is a wonderful stone that instantly brings age to an aquarium. Popular with aquascapers, the nature aquarium and Iwagumi.

Small Stones .5 – 2lbs / 6″ x 4″ x 3.5″ approx.

Medium Stones 2 – 6lbs / 8″ x 6″ x 4.5″ approx.

Large Stones 6 – 11lbs / 11″ x 8″ x 6″ approx.

(All weights are approximate and rocks vary in width and height.)

Petrified wood is a type of fossil, formed underground over thousands of years. This stone brings beauty and texture to any aquarium or aquascape. It is as hard and dense as any other stone we sell and sinks easily.

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