Zilla Cricket and Insect Food

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Gut Load Cricket & Insect Food

  • Gives store-bought insects the nutritional value of wild prey
  • Carbs, calcium and calories for complete nourishment
  • Economical; use just ¼ teaspoon per insect

Pack each cricket with maximum reptile benefit

Much of reptile nutrition comes from the gut load of the crickets, mealworms and king mealies they eat. The problem: a captive insect’s sparse diet can’t match the complete nutrition of their wild counterparts. Gut Load was created to prefill each insect with vital carbohydrates, calcium, calories and vitamins. Simply place a supply in the insect enclosure 24 hours before feeding to a reptile. It takes only ¼ teaspoon per insect, and you’ll see the benefit in a healthier, more active pet.