Zilla Vertical Decor - Rock Feeding Ledge

Sale price$44.99


Perfect for arboreal reptiles and amphibians such as geckos, tree frogs, snakes anoles and chameleons, the Zilla Vertical Décor - Rock Feeding Ledge is the ideal addition to any terrarium or paludarium enclosure. Made of lightweight, durable hard foam, this stylish piece of decor is painted to mimic the beautiful, natural realism of moss covered rocks in the wild, greatly adding to the atmosphere of your enclosure. Boasting secure suction cups, you can quickly and easily affix this neat, realistic stone ledge anywhere on the glass in the enclosure, helping to spread out the useable space of the tank itself. The flat top is used for feeding and the smaller, more hidden ledge helps to provide your precious pet with a unique way to bask and hide. Comes with two reusable feeding dishes. 10.5" x 4.625" x 7"

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