The warranty on animals and plants sold from Tails and Scales is separate from the live arrival guarantee offered on animals and plants shipped by Tails and Scales.

There is no warranty on the animals and plants sold at Tails and Scales with some exceptions. The animals and plants that leave the shop are, to the best of our knowledge and determination, healthy. We will not let an animal be sold if we believe it is not healthy. There are many variables that could lead to issues with a living thing purchased from Tails and Scales. Differences in housing, lighting, feeding and even transport to the new environment could lead to stress which could lead to illness. etc. Plants can also go through quite a bit of stress going from one location to another. Because of these variabilities we can offer no warranty on the animals and plants sold in the shop. The exception to this rule is tropical fish.

Tropical fish are guaranteed for 3 days from purchase. We will offer to replace or issue a gift card for the value of the fish if the customer provides the receipt, the body of the fish and a water sample from the aquarium where the fish was housed. If the water is tested and shows that levels are not in safe range then the warranty is voided. Delicate species and aquatic invertebrates like shrimp and snails are not covered under this warranty. We will also not warranty fish that have perished due to compatibility issues or improper housing.

If you are having an issue with an animal or plant purchased from Tails and Scales it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so that we can help the animal or plant and suggest a possible solution. 

Researching the needs of the animal or plant you are purchasing is very important before your purchase. The Tails and Scales staff will do their best to tell you as much as they can about the animal or plant you are purchasing but it is the responsibility of the person making the purchase to determine whether or not they have the right environment to house the animal or plant.

Tails and Scales reserve the right to refuse the sale of a living thing if we feel that is going to be housed in a manner detrimental to the its health