Tails and Scales Storefront


We are a full-service reptile store located in the junction in the west end of Toronto

Come by our store to see one of Toronto’s largest selections of Lizards, Snakes, and Amphibians.

You can always find the standard fare of leopard geckos, cornsnakes, ball pythons and beardies, but for the true enthusiast, we also have Xenagamas, Green Tree pythons, Tortoises, many Boa morphs, and much more.

We also carry food and supplies for your small mammal pets, and feeders for all your reptile needs.

Proudly Carrying these Brands and many more!

Visit Our Retail Store

3466 Dundas Street West
Toronto, Ontario

Store Hours
Monday to Friday - 10am - 8pm
Saturday - 10am - 6pm
Sunday - 10am - 6pm