The purchase of an animal(s) including fish or plant(s) can be done on the website, in-person, on the phone or over social media. An animal(s) or plant(s) will be labeled sold once a non refundable 25% deposit is received. Vivariums, aquariums or holding containers will be annotated with the animals or fish that have been sold. Plants will be tagged sold. Financing for animals is available and existing animal(s) can be paid for over a 14 day period unless other arrangements have been made. If you cancel your order at any time your payments will not be returned.

After your purchase of animal(s) or plant(s) you can be confident that we will take care of every aspect required to make sure that your purchase arrives safely to you and is properly cared for before shipping.


We will not ship during very cold weather or very hot weather. We monitor the weather across Canada and will postpone shipments if we deem this unsafe. It is not unheard of for a two week delay or more in getting your order out. Night time temps below -10 c and daytime highs above 30 c will delay your shipment. Holidays will also delay your shipment. The weeks leading up to and just after the Christmas holidays will see no live animal plants shipping. Delays are too numerous and temperature too unpredictable to safely ship living things.

All shipments of living things (animals or plants) will require a signature on arrival. Please bear this in mind when expecting a shipment. Shipments can also be sent to the couriers depot if you are not sure you will be on site to receive. This will ensure your purchase is kept in a climate controlled building. Delivery times are completely out of our control. Once the shipment is in the hands of the courier they will determine the time of arrival.


Please note that the pictures on the site are not necessarily the animal or plant you are going to receive and are representative of the species. Many of the pictures have been taken by us and in some cases are from previous shipments. Stock photos are sometimes used to show what the animal or plant we have in the shop will look like in mature form. Some specific animal pictures will be noted as being actual animals available. Pictures can be provided upon request for most animals and plants. Fish are difficult to photograph and we cannot provide pictures for some species. 99% of the time pictures on Google will look exactly like the fish we have in the shop. Individual separately housed fish like Bettas can be photographed as per requests.

We offer several Shipping Options

In Canada we can use the following for reptiles and fish.

Reptile Runner and Airport to Airport shipping through West Jet Canada or Air Canada Cargo.

For plant shipments we use a number of different couriers. This will vary during different times of the year with Fed Ex being our main choice, We can also use Purolator, Canpar, UPS and Canada Post. Shipping is weather permitting and as stated earlier we will not ship when the overnight temps are below -10c or above 30 c

International customers please contact us for shipping methods for animals
Plants and fish cannot be shipped internationally at this time


The shipping cost of animals and plants is now included in the checkout. In special instances there may be a shipping surcharge if you are in a municipality that is not close to a major centre. Surcharges to shipments may also be added to your order or a separate invoice may be sent if the charges by the carrier have increased unexpectedly or the size of the container need to ship is bigger than normally used.

It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for the shipping costs of the animal(s)  or plants(s) unless otherwise agreed upon beforehand.

Animal(s) or Plant(s) will not be shipped out unless the shipping cost is fully paid.

Sizes of plants versus sizes of pots and colour of plants

We make every effort to have an accurate size on the plants listed on the website. There are instances where the plant we get from the nursery is in a 5" pot but the root ball looks like it came from a 2" pot. We don't always check this out. We get hundreds of plants a week and we take it as a given that the pot that came from the nursery is the pot that came from the nursery. We won't send a 4" plant that was listed as a 6" plant as an example. There are times when we will contact you and ask if we can substitute a size of pot either downgrade or upgrade but never without asking. We also try wherever possible to indicate that the plants shipped may not look exactly like the ones shipped. Some plants change colour over a period of time grown under lights as opposed to growing outdoors or in a greenhouse. Some plants lose their colour. Under the right conditions it will come back. We cannot guarantee that the plant we ship will look exactly like the plant in the picture on the website. We try to be as accurate as possible with proper nomenclature of plants as well. If we are corrected because we've used a name that is no longer valid we will indicate it as such.

Please note. We cannot ship plant that are in pots greater than six inches (15cm), The plants in pots larger than this tend to be very heavy or too large to pack in boxes considered to be standard shipping sizes and may incur substantial surcharges.

Purchase Limits

We already list in our terms of service that we reserve the right to limit quantities of products purchased, This definitely is the norm in the plant selling world. We had started limiting some plant purchases for many of the rarities on the website already but will be much more strict as some varieties become harder to obtain with the loss of of some nurseries. It will clearly state in the description whether or not there is a limit. If you purchase more than the limit the overspent amount will just be refunded back to you. We want to be fair to everyone. We are selling right across Canada and we want to give everyone a chance to get some of these rare jewels.

 Additions/Deletions to/from live animal or plant orders

Additions or deletions to orders must be made 24 hours prior to shipping your order. If a shipping day has been confirmed and agreed to, adding to orders may difficult.  We try to be accurate with inventory but occasionally an item will be listed as in stock but may be actually out of stock or quantities less than the additional order. we need to be able to contact the customer before parcel is picked up by courier and this is not always possible with less than 24 hours. In the case of animals and fish we also need to determine if the animal(s)/fish are actually ready to be shipped out. 

Additions also have to be such that they will fit in the originally shipping container that was paid for in the original order. In some cases larger shipping containers may be required which will incur a surcharge which will further delay the ship out.

Please read for the Live Arrival Guarantee before ordering,


Payment Options

Canadian methods of payment:    

PayPal.  Credit card payments can also be made via PayPal if you so desire.

Payment via Mastercard, VISA or American Express can be made over the phone    to the store.  Please call us at 416-766-7387 to process your payment. 

Electronic Money Transfer (Interac EMT).

Bank Wire Transfer (please contact us for this information).

In person at trade shows or in store.


International methods of payments: 

Bank Wire Transfer (please contact us for this information).

PayPal. Credit card payments can also be made via PayPal if you so desire. (European Union Countries and USA ONLY) 

Payment via Mastercard, VISA or American Express can be made over the phone    to the store.  Please call us at 416-766-7387 to process your payment. (European Union Countries and USA ONLY)

*All pricing on animals and dry goods quoted on this site DO NOT include applicable Provincial or Federal Sales Taxes.

Export orders are exempt from these taxes and will most likely be required upon import to the country of import based on the value of the goods.


Shipping Address When Using PayPal

When you purchase your animal(s) via PayPal it is very important that you include your shipping address with payment. This policy MUST be followed with every purchase in order to comply with PayPal’s buyer and seller protection policies. If you do not provide a shipping address within PayPal I cannot be held responsible for misdirected shipments that are addressed incorrectly.