Pictus Gecko (Amel) CBB

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The Pictus Gecko has striped bands of various shades of brown with gold tint and some white. Some have black markings, and some may have a white dorsal stripe. In captivity, there are several color phases available including orange and yellow. Males have prominent bumps at the base of the tail, but not the females.

The housing should be a 20-gallon aquarium tank with a securable screen top. That will accommodate up to three lizards. It should be wide rather than tall because these geckos like to stay on the ground. Driftwood and rock need to be added to the housing so the lizards have a place to hang out. Also, use hide boxes with moist peat moss in them for humidity. The more geckos you keep in the same tank, the more hides you need. Keep branches and perches near the floor of the housing so the geckos don’t fall to their death.

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