Aquavitro - Aquasolum Soil

Size: 2 KG
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he aquavitro Shrimp Accessories - Small Hut is the perfect addition to any aquarium housing various shrimp species. As with many smaller fish species, shrimp require secluded and protected spots in the aquarium as a way to avoid predation from other animals, protect their sensitive exoskeletons after molting and to aid in the breeding cycle. Often, when female shrimp are berried (have eggs) and do not have adequate refuge, the stress will cause them to drop and abandon their eggs.Seachem Aquasolum is an ideal substrate for planted and shrimp aquariums. Derived from organic humate this lightweight soil is clean and provides the nutritious properties plants thrive on. Because this soil was originally plant life in its organic state, it contains valuable, nourishing substances that simply cannot be found in chemical fertilizers. In addition to providing your aquatic plants with everything they need and more, this substrate also helps to lower pH levels and soften water, creating the ideal parameters for freshwater shrimp!
The small hut structure is a short hollow rectangle with randomly sized and spaced holes across each side of the unit. Easily blending in to your established aquarium decor, the hollow hut gives a quiet, shaded area for your shrimp to rest and the holes offer free access and water flow through the inside of the unit. Additionally, these structures provide additional surface area that is ideal for the growth of development of fine algae or biofilm, which is a critically important food source for many species of small shrimp.

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