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Basket-Mouth Cichlid

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Caquetaia myersi is a large predatory cichlid from Colombia. These beauties are rarely seen in the hobby due to the difficulties with exporting wild caught specimens from their native range; we are proud to have this batch of F1 juveniles in stock. The name "Basket-Mouth" comes from their extremely protrusible jaws; these fish can stretch their mouth out to over half of their body length when capturing prey. Reaching the better part of a foot, these cichlids can eat fairly large prey. Generally, though, any fish too large to be eaten will be ignored, making these a great centrepiece for a large community tank. Other cichlids are best avoided though, as Basket-Mouths are more laid back than most cichlids and may be unable to defend themselves from attack.

These are F1 juveniles around 3-3.5". They are taking pellets and frozen foods, and eating quite vigorously.