Blue Phantom Pleco (L128)

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Hemiancistrus sp. (L28). These fish may be a regional colour variant of the Green Phantom pleco (Hemiancistrus subviridis, L200) or they may represent an undescribed species. Reaching about 7" in maximum length, these are an active, mid-sized pleco. As omnivores, they will graze on algae but should still be offered a varied diet including meaty/high-protein items. While these plecos will do perfectly fine in relatively still water, they come from rapid-flowing rivers and will thus be will be quite at home in high-flow river tanks as well. Blue Phantoms are relatively plant safe, especially when well fed, but certain species of plants may be viewed as food (From the author's experience, Echinodorus are particularly vulnerable!). With a dark blue to inky black body and pearly spots running along the body, these are definitely quite the elegant catfish!

These are young adults around 4" long.

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