Cephalotus follicularis

Size: Specimen #3
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Unknown variety most likely to be the typical or wild type.

 Numbered specimens are actual plants you will receive

Cephalotus follicularis, also known as the Western Australian or Albany pitcher plant is a unique species that captures insects in fluid-filled pitchers similar to those of Nepenthes and Sarracenia

These are challenging plants to grow. They require a very well-draining soil mix and cannot be kept too damp but must also not dry out fully. As with all carnivorous plants, they also require strong lighting and distilled water to thrive. 

Cephalotus will also enter a winter dormancy period of 3-4 months if kept cool when the days shorten. 


*Please note that these plants are grown in a high-humidity environment with strong lighting. Your plants may need to be acclimatized to adjust to your growing conditions. Photos are provided for reference only and may not reflect the size of plant you receive.

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