Gopher Snake (CB)

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Gopher snakes are heavy-bodied and are already around a foot in length when they hatch. Adult size varies between subspecies, with four to five feet being average, but large individuals, especially bulls, can easily reach six feet.

Gopher snakes are escape artists and require a very secure enclosure. Rack system tubs suit them just as well as terrariums since floor space is more important to them than height. Hatchlings can be started in six quart tubs or five gallon tanks, but will have to be upgraded within a few months. A 20 gallon long tank or 28 quart tub works well for growing snakes. Smaller animals can live in 41 quart tubs or 30 gallon tanks as adults, but larger ones do best in enclosures that are four feet in length. Being so active, they require slightly more space than some other similar sized snakes, but they will use any extra room you give them and can be great display animals!

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