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Nepenthes merrilliana x (maxima x talangensis)

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Description: The female parent is a selected clone of N. merrilliana (clone #12) raised in our nurseries in the 1990’s and which were sold in the distant past as assorted clones under BE-3117. The male parent is the very special clone of N. talangensis x maxima, with the cultivar name ‘Lady Pauline’ and Collection ID 0373, formerly sold under BE-3298. This lovely cultivar was launched at the Chelsea Flower Show – there are many photos of ‘Lady Pauline’ available on the web, which despite the name, turned out to be a male plant.

This clone was initially selected from many for its exceptional vigour, but we have noticed an apparent variegation on the peristome of the upper pitcher, as you can see in the photograph. We still only have one plant with a single upper pitcher, so it’s not yet known is this is a stable feature.

The plants you will receive are of the same clone as the plants shown in these photographs.