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Nepenthes palawanensis

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Climate: Highland

Originating from Sultan's Peak in Palawan, this is believed by many to be possibly the largest of all Nepenthes species and has been recorded to capture and consume rodents.

First introduced in April 2020. These plants originate from the same grex of seeds as those sold out of microprop under BE-3651 except that they are grown from individual seeds, so each plant is individual. There is a small possibility that some of them may be hybrids, but all plants so far seem true to type. 

Please note that this is a limited issue because once sold out, the only plants available will be from microprop.

The photos shown here are representative and may not be identical clones to the plants you receive. The first photo in the series as well as the two photos of larger plants illustrate that there is some variability between individuals.


*Please note that these plants are grown in extremely humid conditions and will require a period of acclimatization to your growing conditions. Photos are provided for reference and may not represent the size of plant you will receive.

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