Nepenthes platychila x robcantleyi

Size: Small
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Climate: Highland

he female parent, N. platychila, is known for the unusually wide flanged peristome on upper pitchers, although lower pitchers are generally rather unremarkable. The male parent is one of the original plants of N. robcantleyi, with the cultivar name ‘King of Spades’ – which of course is a giant plant with huge pitchers having wide peristomes.

The lower pitchers on this cross are handsome, and richly coloured, but not all that remarkable. However, we made this cross in the expectation that the upper pitchers could be really special. At the time of writing (Nov 2020) we have just seen our first intermediate pitcher and it’s very promising both in form and the unusual lilac colouration of the young pitcher. The first photo in the series shows this. It’s not been altered in any way and the coloration of the photo is true to the actual pitcher itself. Of course, as there are so many clones involved in this item, they may not all be like this, but we expect most will be.

*Please note that these plants are grown in extremely humid conditions and will require a period of acclimatization to your growing conditions. Photos are provided for reference and may not represent the size of plant you will receive.

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