Ornate Bichir

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Polypterus ornatipinnis, the Ornate Bichir, is one of the more boldly patterned species of Polypterus available. Growing about 18-24” it is neither an exceptionally large or particularly small species of Bichir. These ancient air-breathing fish have existed almost completely unchanged since long before dinosaurs walked the Earth. Bichirs can also walk on land for a short period of time, to migrate to different bodies of water (Although we don't recommend taking your Bichir for a walk!). While they can and will eat fish that will fit in their mouths, they are very peaceful with tankmates too large to make a meal out of. Bichirs relish any meaty foods such as sinking pellets or frozen foods. Make sure you have a tight lid with no gaps, as Bichirs are very good at escaping tanks! Packing tape works well for covering gaps where cords or filters exit the tank. Good tankmates include mid to large sized cichlids, silver dollars, morymyrids, and large barbs (among many other options)

These are juveniles around 4" long.

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