Porcupine Nerite

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Nerite snails are one of the most valuable members of the freshwater aquarium's cleanup crew. With a voracious appetite for algae, long lifespan, and ornamental shells, it's not hard to see why! Their inability to breed in freshwater and the fact that they do not eat live plants certainly give them a one-up over most other popular snails, as well. While female nerites will stay lay eggs, especially on dark surfaces, they will not hatch and can be easily scratched off.

Clithon diadema is a smaller nerite that often does not exceed the diameter of a nickel. They are just as effective as cleaners as their larger cousins, but they are mostly kept for their stunning and variable shells, adorned with long thorn-like protrusions. Other common names include thorny nerite, spiny nerite, or thorned nerite.

Do note that nerite snails are highly variable creatures and recieved animals may look different from the photos on our website. Every nerite is unique!

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