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Redspotted Splash Tetra

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Copeina guttata is one of the larger 'Splash Tetra'-type pencilfish, hailing from the Amazon basin. Like other splash tetras, they are a passive and laid back species that mixes well in community aquaria. Unlike most other splash tetras, though, these are not a nano fish; they can reach 3-4" long! They pair well with similarly-sized schooling fish, dwarf cichlids, and various catfish. While they are not fussy in terms of a physical tank setup, they will look their best in an aquarium with dark substrate and lots of plant cover. Redspotted splash tetras are a coppery colour when mature, with blue iridescence overtop and, in males, bright red spots along the flank.

These are young babies, only around 1" long right now. They have yet to develop adult colouration but are growing quickly!