ReptiZoo Digital Timing Humidifier/Fogger 4L

Sale price$94.99


This product uses the intermittent timing principle for repeated periodic humidification, and can also be used with a humidity controller for constant humidity. 

  • The bucket is designed with a water-adding structure to facilitate water addition and dirt cleaning, which can prevent the growth of bacteria with certain procedures.
  • The hollowed-out lid design allows water to directly enter the bucket while the lid is closed.
  • The 4L large-capacity visualized bucket can always guarantees a long-term continuous humidification based on the water volume.
  • The control panel adopts electronic touch technologies, providing sensitive keys and fast response.
  • The display adopts LED digital tube display technologies, realizing low power consumption and long service life.
  • Ultra-quiet operation. The adjustment of fog amount has 3 gears, and the power will be automatically cut off in case of water shortage, which is safe and reliable.
  • The fan adopts quick-release interface for easy maintenance and overhaul.
  • The air inlet uses a highly permeable activated carbon filter sponge to effectively improve the air quality.
  • Press and hold the Mist button to enter the DND mode, and press any button to exit the mode automatically. The operation is simple and more user-friendly.

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