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SR Aquaristik Cloudy Water Treatment

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  • deal for Freshwater Aquariums

    • Quickly clarifies cloudy or turbid aquarium water
    • Completely biodegradable
    • Safe for fish & plants
    • Bottle treats up to 10,000 gallons of aquarium water

    Recommended Dosage:

    One drop treats approximately 5 gallons of aquarium water.  One cap (10ml) treats up to 200 gallons of aquarium water.

    Instructions For Use:

    Use one drop of SR Cloudy Water Treatment for every 5 gallons of aquarium water. Stir each drop & dilute into approximately 200ml/8oz of aquarium water as needed up to two times weekly.  We recommend using a graduated measuring device or pipette to ensure accurate dosing.

    For optimum results, we recommend the use of a very fine filter pad or partial water change after treatment to remove flocculation.  Do not overdose.