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Strawberry Leporinus

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Leporinus granti is one of, if not the most colourful species of Leporinus. While most in the genus are some combo of black and tan, these fish have a complicated pattern of different-sized dots on a tan to golden base colour, with red fisns and iridescent red streaking through the body. Staying smaller than many others in the genus, this species maxes out around 8" long. They are relatively peaceful for a Leporinus, and pair well with large, semi-aggressive to peaceful cichlids or other larger fish. Delicate and long-finned tankmates are probably best avoided, as these fish may still nip the odd fin when the opportunity arises. These fish also should not be kept with any but the most durable of plants, as they will gladly eat soft plants. A group of these shoalers makes the perfect compliment to a wet-pet such as a large cichlid, and bring vibrance and activity to any tank they're in!

These are captive-bred juveniles around 2-3" long.