Seachem Stress Guard

Size: 250ml
Sale price$18.99


There are many important reasons to use Seachem StressGuard in your freshwater or saltwater aquarium; whether it is because you are handling or transporting your fish and you want to reduce stress or ammonia toxicity, to reduce primary or secondary infections, or if you notice an injury on your fish and you want it to be disinfected and quickly healed. This excellent water conditioner contains protein active colloids that do a great job at binding to exposed proteins which almost acts as a liquid band aid to speed up wound recovery. With a pH of 7.0 you can rest assured your aquarium water will not go off balance, at any dose and it is suitable to use with all medications, except for those of copper based ingredients. Luckily, you do not have to worry about StressGuard coating your resins or clogging your filter, or even worry about it interfering with Purigen or HyperSorb, since it is not amine based. StressGuard truly guards your entire aquarium from potential stress. Get the best security for your fish!

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