Whip Spider - Damon cf. diadema

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Damon cf. diadema. Amblypygids are commonly known as “Tailless Whip Scorpions” or “Whip Spiders”, but belong to their own distinct order of arachnid. As non-venomous arachnids, they are 100% harmless to humans. The whip component of their name comes from their first pair of legs; this long, finely segmented antenniform legs are used as touch sensors, sweeping the local environment. As they are nearly blind, it is through this sense of touch that Amblypygi navigate, find prey, and avoid predators. Their pedipalps are adapted into mantis-like raptorial appendages that firmly grasp prey. These mostly cave-dwelling arthropods are simple to care for; while they need some humidity, they don’t like sopping wet environments either. The most important aspect of their care is making sure there’s a relatively flat surface they hang off the bottom of when they moult. These are a very unique, prehistoric looking animal, and perfect for the arachnid fancier.

Currently we have one juvenile in stock, around 1” long in the body with a legspan around 3”.

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