Yellow Mud Turtle CBB

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Kinosternon flavescens

The yellow mud turtle, also known as the yellow-necked mud turtle, is endemic to southern North America, ranging from Northeastern Mexico to Midwestern and Southwestern United States. They are a species that grows to upwards up 6 inches, the males being larger than females. They are aquatic, but will feed on vegetation and vertebrates above water.

Yellow mud turtles will require a 40 gallon breeder aquarium in size, with water depth at least double the length of the turtle's carapace (shell) from nose to tail. A large basking site above water is essential, with the hottest area around 90 degrees F/ 31 degrees C. The water temperature should be kept around 70-75 degrees F /21-23 degrees C, which can be attained by using an aquarium heater. As these turtles are above water almost just as much as in the water, UVB is a must; a 5.0 bulb or 6% UVB output is sufficient.

These are omnivorous turtles with a penchant for crustaceans, insects, earthworms, and the odd vertebrate meal like fish or carrion, but provide low oxalate vegetation for them to eat at least twice a week. Be sure about dusting your food with calcium, vitamins and minerals.

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