Zoo Med Paludarium Hood

Size: 18"
Sale price$69.99


The 12"/18" Zoo Med Paludarium Hood is a sturdy and durable top designed to be compatible with all 12"/18" wide Zoo Med Paludariums and Naturalistic Terrariums. The unit has the capability to hold one paludarium 3-in-1 lamp or one incandescent heat lamp with up to 60 watts of power, such as the Zoo Med’s Daylight Blue or Nightlight Red Reptile Bulbs. The built-in reflector ensures that essential heat and UVB penetration is increased throughout 100% of your enclosure. Well suited for running UVB, 24 hour heat and daylight lamps. For ease of use, an on/off switch is located at the rear of the Zoo Med Paludarium Hood.

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