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Zoo Med Turtle Tub Kit

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Zoo Med’s TurtleTub® replicates the natural “pond” environment of aquatic turtles, resulting in less animal stress.

A built in land/water area.
Large land area allows natural basking and egg laying behavior.
Lightweight and easy to clean.
The TurtleTub® is available separately or as a complete kit.
Made in the USA from 100% recycled materials.

Reptile Lamp Stand
Powersun UV 100w
Mini Deep Dome Lamp Fixture
Turtle Clean™ 30 External Canister Filter
ReptiSafe® (8 oz)
Eco Earth® (8 qt, loose)
Forest Floor (8 qt)
Natural Bush™ Plant (Madagascar Bamboo, large)
Natural Aquatic Turtle Food
Red Shrimp
Turtle Bone
Proper Care and Maintenance of Water Turtles

The TurtleTub® is also available separately. Click here for the TurtleTub® product information.