African House Snake (Normal) CBB

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African House Snakes are among the easiest reptiles to keep. Because of their modest size, they can easily be maintained in inexpensive containers, such as ten gallon aquaria. Like all housing for snakes, the container must have a secure lid or closure that to make it escape proof.

Although they come from relatively dry areas of the African continent, these snakes must be given access to clean water at all times. Prior to shedding, they should be given access to an area with higher than normal relative humidities.

African House snakes are relatively tolerant of a range of temperatures, but like all captive reptiles, their temperature requirements must be maintained for successful captive care. I believe that one key to keeping snakes healthy in captivity is to provide a gradient of temperatures so that they can choose the temperature they require for their needs at any given moment. The best way to do this is with some type of undercage heat source.

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