West African Mud Turtle

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Pelusios castaneus

These are turtles that are endemic to western Africa (Angola, Guinea, Ghana, Senegal, Liberia, Sierra Leone, and the Republic of the Congo are just a few of the places they occur). These are larger mud turtles with a max carapace length of 11 inches. As such, they require a larger tank - at least 40 gallons - with water depth at least 8 inches deep, and ample decor to provide security such as logs and aquatic plants. A large basking site above water is essential, with the hottest area around 100 degrees F/ 31 degrees C. The water temperature should be kept around 70-75 degrees F /21-23 degrees C, which can be attained by using an aquarium heater. As these turtles are above water almost just as much as in the water, UVB is a must; a 10.0 bulb is sufficient to replicate the intense African sun. A mercury vapor bulb of 100-150 watts is a good choice if you desire a combination of heat and UVB in a single bulb.

These turtles are more carnivorous than other species, but will still eat some plant matter. Provide turtle-safe aquatic plants that you are not afraid to have eaten, and offer some low oxalate vegetation and fruits at least once a week. These are omnivorous turtles with a voracious penchant for crustaceans, insects, earthworms, and the odd vertebrate meal like fish or chicken. Be sure to dust food with calcium, vitamins and minerals.

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