Apistogramma sp. 'Opal' (A105)

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Apistogramma sp. 'Opal' is a beautiful Apisto that may or may not be a locality of A. borellii, the Umbrellla Cichlid; if they're not the same species, they're certainly quite closely related. Both have heavy iridescence and very large, sail-like finnage. As opposed to standard borellii, sp. 'Opal' has little to no yellow in the body and more pronounced red "mask" markings on the face. These smaller Apistos only reach about 2.5" maximum, and are not very fussy about water conditions compared to some dwarf cichlids.

These are young juveniles around 0.5-0.75" long. They are not yet showing colour and cannot be sexed with any degree of accuracy at this time.

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