Aquario Neo Soil for Shrimps

Title: 3 Litre
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Main feature of Neo soil for shrimp

1.Rich nutrition

Intensifying nutrition to Compact Soil raised livability of baby shrimp and focused on color formation and strengthening the shell of the full grown. No ammonia found for addition of naturally and completely decomposed nutrition. It helps growing of fern, moss, cryptocoryne and etc.

2.Containing powder bacteria and food for bacteria

Containing main bacteria and others of Neo A, it eliminates pollutants on the bottom being activated as soon as contacting with water. And contained food for bacteria helps bacteria long last stably. Beneficial bacteria suppress propagation of various germs

3.Containing humic acid

Fully contained humic acid from the origin of CRS offers a good water quality to full grown shrimp and raise livability of the baby at the same time.

4.Containing microelements

Containing many kinds of microelements give an important effect to color formation and the shell with the soil itself

5. Maintaining stable water quality

Water quality with Neo soil for shrimp

DAY NH3/NH4(mg/l) NO2(mg/l) NO3(mg/l)
Original Water 0 0 0
After 7 day 0.25 0 12.5
After 14 day 0 0 12.5
After 21 day 0 0 12.5

6.Excellent adsorptive power

As seen at the methylene blue test below, it adsorbs pollutants in the aquarium continuously. This adsorption power is the feature of Neo soil different from others such as similar soils or black soils

7.Many micro air holes

Hard flooring like black soil has no air hole itself that bacteria only settles on the surface of it. But Neo soil has many air holes inside, which enable beneficial bacteria to breed in bulk and decompose pollutants continuously: biological filter itself

8.Maintaining stable water quality

Healthy CRS well feeding for 55 days with filter and aeration without water change. Not only Japanese Compact Soil prevents pollution by adsorbing pollutants from feed, it offers habitats to shrimps because it is a filter itself. And also it maintains for a long time subacid water quality, most of tropical fishes, aquatic plants, CRS and others like.

9. Double layers of Manufacturing method

Neo soil is consisted of 2 layers, brown soil inside and black soil outside, which makes it lighter than other soils and become Filter Media itself

How to use

Spread the soil in a thin layer, then put Neo Plants Tab or other fertilizer if necessary and pour up the rest of it – low at the front high at the back. Cover the plastic package of the soil on the soil and pour the water little by little slowly. (Never wash the soil)

  • This product contains bacteria that white substance occasionally could be found in the package, but normal.
  • For growth of aquatic plants needed to be equipped with Co2 system (Neo Co2 or high pressure Co2), proper light and fertilizer.
  • 1/3 water change per every 3 days after setting. 1/3 water change per a week afterward.
  • When used with other brand soil, needed more frequent water change to prevent bad algae.
  • Depend on user’s aquarium environment, management and other reasons, real growth could be different from the images above

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