Betta smaragdina 'Guitar' (PAIRS)

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Sold as pairs only. Wild Bettas change colour rapidly, especially when stressed; fish recieved may temporarily differ in appearance from our photos. Ideal conditions are required for ideal colour in wild bettas!

Betta smaragdina is among the most colourful of wild bettas. The 'Guitar' form/locale is considered the most splendid, known for extoensive black "webbing" in the fins and a display dance that includes guitar pick-like "strumming" of the tail fin. Belonging to the splendens species complex within the genus Betta, these fish are closely related to domestic bettas, with domestic bettas likely even being hybrids that involve B. smaragdina.

These are captive bred pairs that are being kept in tapwater, but the addition of driftwood, leaf litter, and other tannin sources to tint the water is still recommended. 

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