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Butterworms are larvae of the Chilean Moth (Chilecomadia moorei). This species is a popular fishing bait in South America, and exported to the United States for the same purpose. Fortunately for us (and your hungry pets!), butterworms make a great snack! Butterworms are relatively low in fat and are very high in calcium. Butterworms' bright coloration and undulating, catepillar like movement entices even the pickest of eaters to chow down. Butterworms measure approximately 1.25-1.5", and are consumed by bearded dragons, leopard geckos, aquatic turtles, chameleons, and many tarantulas, centipedes, and scorpions.

How to Feed

It's common for butterworms to spin a cocoon during storage - carefully tear this apart to reveal the butterworm. Remove butterworms from the wheat bran and place them in a bowl, or tong feed them to your animal.

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