Tropical Carp-Gudgeon (PAIRS ONLY)

Sale price$59.99


These gobies are being sold as PAIRS ONLY; their listed price is for a male-female pair. Unfortunately we are not offering any singles at this time.

Hypseleotris cyprinoides is a very rarely seen species of free-swimming goby widespread in the Indo-Pacific. These fish spend most of their time in freshwater, but can also live in brackish water. They look plain most of the time but males develop dazzling white-spotted fins and a dark body when sparring or displaying to females. They are a very peaceful species and should mix well with similar-sized fishes. Carp-Gudgeons are also known for their hardiness and ability to tolerate a very wide range of water parameters. While supposedly very easy to spawn, there have been no confirmed reports of anyone successfully rearing the tiny larvae.

These are adults around 2.5-3" long, being sold as male-female pairs.

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